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Advanced Apprentice - Jennifer
Level 1 - Heather
Level 2 - Tatiana & Melanie
Level 3 - No Current Stylist
Level 4 - No Current Stylist
Level 4A - No Current Stylist
Level 4AA - Suzanna & Noah
Service DescriptionAdvanced Apprentice
Level 1
(Heather & Jennifer)
Level 2
(Tatiana & Melanie)
Level 3
(No Current Stylist)
Level 4
(No Current Stylist)
Level 4A
(No Current Stylist)
Level 4AA
(Suzanna & Noah)

Hair Cut Only

Whether it's a wet trim or a dry trim, this one excludes the education of the blow-dry. While we value styling time for the way it equips you at home, this is not a bad option for guys who prefer scissor trims, anyone short on time, a gal watching her budget, a child growing out her hair, or anyone who plain ol' doesn't care for all the fussin'.

Hair Cut & Blow-Dry

Whether it's a trim or a brand new shape, this is your wash, your custom-designed cut and your fabulous style!

Electric Trim

You might be the kind of person who likes to tell your stylist what size guard you like on the electric clippers; you might be a gentleman with a fade or a lovely lady with a mohawk. Either way, when two thirds of your haircut is executed with electric clippers, the haircut tends to speed up, so spending less time in the chair is reflected in the price.

Bang Trim

Because we'd like to save you from doing this at home... with the kitchen scissors... five minutes before you have to rush out the door. You know who you are.

Shampoo & Style

Need some polish for a special occasion, but don't want to look like you're going back to prom? Let us wash and style for you!

Coil Set

Are you ready for this level of attention to detail? Let us section your hair piece by piece and twist your coils for the most defined curl! Process for about an hour under a hooded dryer. Would you like your stylist to go into Round 2 and piece out your coils after they're set? Or would prefer to do that yourself? This may be a single or double process service!

Custom Tailored Hair Education

Are you struggling to get the look you want and need some pointers? This service reserves one hour to custom target your hair goals. Want to learn how to freshen up Day 3 hair without shampooing? Want to master your blow-dry? Want some guidance on arm positioning when curling? This hour evolves into whatever YOU need it to be! Bring all your tools and products from home so that we can see what you're working with and empower you to make the most with what you've got!

Comes With Service Blow-Dry (AKA CWSBD)

So you've received a service and are tacking on a blow-dry. Because you'll likely plop into the stylist chair with soaking wet hair, it takes a bit longer to blow-dry than following on the heels of a haircut. Because of this, you'll notice a higher price point to account for the additional time needed, but a lower price point than the Shampoo & Style as a 'thank you' for receiving an additional hair service!

Hair Other/AKA Extra Time

Ah, Rapunzel, we LOVE your hair! But if something that normally takes us 15 minutes takes us 30 instead, this is a charge we will discuss with you. Let us take our time. We all know how bad it looks to rush through your mane. Or maybe you just want some extra time taken with a curling iron or flat iron! Either way, Hair Other is our miscellaneous service charge to build more time into your appointment. You deserve it!

Special Occasion Hair

Braids, buns, curls and sets! Up! Down! Or a little bit of both! When significant curl is desired, we allow some down time for the curl to cool before manipulating it into a bobby pin maze. Cooled-down curls hold better, so let your stylist know to allow that additional time.

Lice Treatment

Horror of horrors, the unspeakable has happened! No need to start shaving heads. We have a CLEAR color gloss (no hair color change!) that will KILL lice and damage nits. After lathering in the color gloss, we declare war on the suckers under the heat of a hooded dryer. Everything is dead once we rinse the gloss out. You will, however, need to finish unattaching the glued nits at home with the Fairy Tales Terminator Nit-Free comb ($16.95 value) that we provide at no additional charge. Get 'em. (Does not include blow-dry.)

Purify & Maximum Repair Treatment

No matter your hair type, this treatment helps to rebuild, strengthen and hydrate your locks, helping them grow longer, stronger and faster. This can be scheduled with a Comes With Service Blow-Dry or prior to a Haircut & Style, but this treatment DOES require a blow-dry to work properly.

Awaken Scalp Facial

Such a lovely addition to your services! If you're dealing with hair loss, flakes, scalp irritation, or are generally disappointed with changes in your hair and scalp, treat yourself to this glorious head massage, exfoliation, and masque treatment from Surface's Awaken line. Yes, your scalp will feel "awake!"

Redken Acidic Color Gloss Treatment

Without the use of color, this service deeply conditions and adds intense shine! We recommend investing in this system and giving yourself weekly treatments!

Surface 30 Second High Gloss Rinse

Want a glossy, cuticle-locking boost? Enjoy a SUPER quick shine rinse to add some reflection to your hair!

The Redo

Redos are free when honored by the original stylist, providing that the redo goal does not deviate from the initial, agreed upon inspiration and providing that we have been notified within seven days.

Please, oh please, let us know if something needs a second look! It can take a couple appointments to really understand you and your hair, but we want to see you happy!








The Consultation

We take this appointment very seriously! After considering your lifestyle, face shape, beauty budget, hair texture and hair integrity, we're able to plot out a realistic course of action to get you to your greatest hair potential. This appointment regularly includes a patch test to rule out chemical sensitivities. Any new guest requesting color services appreciates our caution in following this FDA recommendation. Once we're all on the same page, we can help estimate cost and time it will take to move forward.








Use of our Self-dry Stations

If we're squeezing you in or you need to save a few dollars, we have a place for you to borrow our tools, use our styling products and self-dry! Just please be mindful of our closing times as these stations will need to close.

No additional charge

No additional charge

No additional charge

No additional charge

No additional charge

No additional charge

No additional charge


Advanced Apprentice - Jennifer
Level 1 - Heather
Level 2 - Tatiana & Melanie
Level 3 - No Current Stylist
Level 4 - No Current Stylist
Level 4A - No Current Stylist
Level 4AA - Suzanna
Service DescriptionAdvanced Apprentice
Level 1
(Heather & Jennifer)
Level 2
(Tatiana & Melanie)
Level 3
(No Current Stylist)
Level 4
(No Current Stylist)
Level 4A
(No Current Stylist)
Level 4AA

Sherri Renée Human Hair Enhancement

Highly recognized as the pinnacle of alternative hair couture for their modern design, natural appearance, and simplicity of use, we can provide extraordinary design solutions for hair loss image recovery, adding volume to fine hair, achieving a luxurious style, and the modern convenience of having a "personal hair assistant."
N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AQuote upon consultation

Root Touch Up

Either your goal is to depart from your natural hair color, cover pesky gray, or both. The color is at the scalp - on the new growth - during this maintenance service.

Bleach Root Touch Up

You are a Barbie Blonde! Not a touch of brown left on this head! While this service covers the same area as a traditional root touch up (limited to one inch of growth at the scalp), the delicate matter of working with stronger chemicals requires us to move more slowly, carefully, and with an abundance of precision. This service usually is followed by a traditional root touch to tone out the strong yellow pigments that become exposed with this level of lift.

End Saturation

It's not enough to leave color at the scalp? The ends need an overhaul, too? We include this service for a first-time color or an overall color change. Redheads often need to include this service to avoid having bright roots and dull ends. Think "color deposit" and "enhance richness."

Bleach or Unicorn End Saturation

We've got two end goals here. Either (A) we're adding this onto a bleach root touch up because we're bleaching the length of every hair on your head (think Texas hair OR Unicorn Hair preparation) or (B) you need your entire head of unicorn hair touched up because it's faded. Consider adding our service "2nd color" to make this multi-dimensional magic!

Feather Extensions

You are exotic. You are interesting. You live in, above, and beyond all trends. Whether discreet or in-your-face, feather extensions show off that edgy side of you... even if just a little bit. (Additional Hair Other fee to allow time for a Feather Only appointment.)

Hair Tinsel

You glorious, sparkle fairy! Whether you crave a discreet and mysterious strand of shimmer, or want an entire head of glittering floss, we are here for it! This service does not need to be in conjunction with any other service. Have fun!

Blank Canvas

Are you done with Fire Engine Red? Ready to switch to Mermaid Aqua? Direct dyes can be safely removed without bleach (yes!), but requires time, skill and a quality oxidizing remover. This is critical for you gals who like frequent change!
$35-70$37-80$40-85$ 42-90$52-100$62-110$72-120

Zoned Dimension (AKA Partial)

You like dimension in your hair! During this service, we tackle high and/or low lights in the areas that make the biggest impact when your hair is styled, like your hairline and your part. Of course, artistic inspiration is very welcome here!

The Thousand Foil Marathon (AKA The Amanda, AKA the Platinum Card)

Let's be honest. When you get highlights, you have no interest in integrating your natural base color to develop dimension or lowlights. Screw dimension! You want back-to-back highlights that obliterate your natural depth! Your goal is not to embrace a color style that mixes in your virgin base, but to be the brightest version of you! This careful highlight takes nearly double the time of a traditional highlight, so bring snacks!

The 500 Foil Marathon

All the sentiment of the Thousand Foil Marathon (above) is true for you, but you're focusing on the top, crown, and front hairline instead of doing the whole head. This is a "partial" of the Thousand Foil Marathon.

Accent Piece

You're not looking for a hair makeover, but you do like the idea of a peek-a-boo ribbon of color mixing mysteriously through your hair. Pink? Purple? White? Tell us! This is permanent, but discreet. Consultations are recommended as this service can be a one or two step process depending on the desired result.

Mini Dimension

You like a little brightness or dimension around your beautiful face, but you couldn't care less about the part. Just a pop of sun-kissed color around your face (cheeks, temples, and forehead hairline) make you feel ten years younger. Since you don't mind the underside being darker, this Mini Foil is for you!

Halo Dimension

You like that sun-kissed dimension to glow around your face, but you also like it to wrap around the back, too. When your hair's up in a ponytail, you want to see a beautiful mixture of color wrapping around your head. During this service, we focus exclusively on your hairline - front and back - to keep color looking both natural and interesting whether up or down.

Full Head Dimension

You're all in! Leave no hair behind! We work through the whole head, front to back, left to right. Think ombre, or a brunette who wants to pass as a believable blonde.

Cap Highlight

Wait. Do people still cap highlight?! Yep. There are moments when this still makes sense. We recommend turning this old school technique into a modern look with a Root Smudge & Tone (see below). It's also a great choice when time is of the essence!

Root Smudge and Tone

Want a softness to your dimension that gives it a subtle, lived-in look and allows for lower maintenance? Tap some depth into your root to avoid strong highlights coming directly from the scalp.

Bonder Treatment

We've fallen in love with a treatment that mixes right into your bleach and color. Repair your hair DURING processing. This two-part treatment is the latest advancement in restoring hair's integrity. Ask your stylist to add this into your color today for $25. If you aren't receiving color, but would like the treatment, we'll mix it into a 10-30 minute clear gloss for our secondary price with no blow-dry necessary.

2nd Color

For those times you want your stylist to throw in a secondary color to add to your awesome, 3D hair, this service is for you. For instance, you get bored with one shade of blonde color and would love a medium blonde mixed into your usual highlights for depth and shine. Or you want to dabble in reds, but everybody knows that redheads have MANY different colors mixing through their hair. Why not highlight with a copper AND a strawberry? One big, happy, multi-dimensional feast for the eyes!

Bump-the-Base (AKA Break-the-Base)

Ooooh, a Glass Door Salon favorite! This service very quickly brightens and softens you natural hair color, just like the sun would after six months at the beach. Though this doesn't cover gray, the resulting color makes a beautiful backdrop for highlights, avoiding the harsh contrast of a "frosted" look. Gals who were born blonde, but whose natural color has deepened over time, LOVE the way this swiftly gets rid of that "mousy," "ashy," "nondescript," "flat" brown. And deep, dark brunettes love the way the results seem so much softer against their skin. About one shade lighter than your natural color, the grow out is quite graceful.

Shine Gloss

Your hair feels dull and you'd like a little sparkle. A shine gloss treatment can range from clear (with no commitment to maintenance) to rose, chestnut, eggplant… you name it! Some time is spent under a warm, hooded dryer to drive this gloss down deep!

Pumkpin Spice Shine Gloss

For a limited time, once every fall, GDS makes it possible to enjoy a warm (red, copper, gold) shine gloss at a discount to add some seasonal radiance. Ask your stylist about this promotion!

Vitamin C Treatment, Color Out System

Odds are you'll never need this, but when a guest comes from an unfortunate color experience, be it at home or another salon, sometimes we need to provide these different services to get correction moving in the right direction. Each treatment serves a different purpose in color shifts.

Brazilian Blowout

The BEST keratin treatment. Half of the day is committed to transforming your unruly hair into slinky, silky, "Jennifer Aniston" hair, results lasting 3-6 months. This is not your hair on its best hair day. This is somebody ELSE's hair on THEIR best hair day. Hair will be completely resistant to humidity and will air dry perfectly smooth.

Color other

You're the kind of person that when a stylist touches up your color, the bottle runs out and she has to go back and mix more. This is for that.

Brow Dye

Want your eyebrows to show up? Darken them. Are they bringing out the dark circles under your eyes? Lighten them. This is the icing on the cake.

Organic Upgrade

Proud to offer the Surface Pure color and lightening lines, we often recommend this gentler, more organic option for our guests' color longevity and health sensitivities. It costs us a bit more to carry this specialized line, so the Organic Upgrade provides the cushion for GDS to afford to offer this health-conscious upgrade with little difference to your wallet!

Top Perm/Blending Trim

Want more texture on top, but generally wear your hair short? With this service, you'll be curling the top while shaping the back and sides with a blending trim. We definitely don't want it to be obvious where the perm stops and starts!
n/an/an/an/an/an/a$249 - Noah only

Full Body Perm

Looking for a full head of texture? This is your perm! While perms can never replicate curling iron styles, they are great for achieving body, movement, and hold!
n/an/an/an/an/an/a$249 - Noah only

Piggyback Perm

What the heck is a piggyback perm? You know how color grows out roots? Perms grow out roots, too! Trust us, you do NOT want to perm your long ends over and over just to get curls at your new growth. Let us wrap your new growth separate from your previously-permed ends to ensure a healthy outcome.
n/an/an/an/an/an/aQuote upon consultation

The Smooth Life

We pride ourselves in using two of the gentlest waxes catered to the most sensitive skin types and a last tint sourced from Austria. While we only reserve future waxing services in conjunction with future hair appointments, we encourage you reach out the minute those pesky hairs are bumming you out. Unlike our hair services, our face services are not priced according to a level system.
Service & PriceDescription

Lash Tint, $30

Just as it sounds, this colors your lashes so that they show up without mascara!

Deluxe Last Tint, $40

While your lashes are being tinted, your under eyes receive a treatment that includes hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E to plump the skin and minimize lines!

Lip Wax, $10

Hurts like a mother, but gets the shadow off the lip.

Brow Wax, $25

Does the presence of stray brow hairs blur the natural beauty of your arch? This pick-me-up looks like an instant face lift!

Cheek Wax, $25

Peach fuzz on the cheeks? Not anymore.

Sideburn Wax, $10

If your sideburns grow lower than you'd like, this will get them back on a more preferred track.

Chin Wax, $15

"Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" is strictly reserved for old fables, not for you.

Full Face Wax, $75

"I need all the things." If this is you, then this is your service!