More Than A Job

Our motivation each day goes far beyond the limited scope of earning a living and touching up roots.  From the stylists to the assistants, we want to be more than that for you, to be givers and not takers, to be listeners who regard your concerns as our own, and to be experts who shudder at the thought of hair just being “good enough.”

Glass Door Salon isn’t about Glass Door Salon. Glass Door Salon is about you.  In fact, owner Suzanna Spears often says, “I don’t do hair because I love hair.  I do hair because I love people.”  We want to be sincere in our excellent care to you.  Because of this, we do not take commission on product sales here (try finding a salon that doesn’t!).  In removing the ulterior motive, we simply advise as best as we can, but refuse to pressure you.

You might like knowing that the haircare line we use (Surface) donates 10% of their profit to World Vision.  You might also like knowing that Glass Door Salon is committed to supporting International Justice Mission to fight human trafficking and other injustices around the world.  Ask us about “Ten on the Tenth” when you schedule to be a part of that!

We believe our mission each day is to empower men and women to look and feel their best through education and expertise, prioritizing health, quality and wise maintenance strategies.

Are you curious about switching your career to a salon that is ever-growing and supportive?

  Our stylists

  • receive fair and competitive service commission
  • enjoy continuing education covered by the salon (average 3-5x/yr.)
  • are not penalized for low retail sales
  • and are not required to pay backbar fees
  • enjoy vacation benefits*
  • can opt in to health insurance*

*Applicable to full-time staff

Because of the excellent support staff in our salon family, stylists generate more income behind the chair while our assistants treat each guest to amazing head massages and hospitality.  We are allergic to drama (unless it’s on Netflix) and unkindness as we value a little something called “The Golden Rule.” You might have to see it to believe it, but our reviews don’t constantly mention our great atmosphere for nothing. 


Post-Pandemic Cancellation Policy

The results are in! We recently surveyed 100 in-house clients for their feedback on a fair cancellation policy. Thanks to your input, September 1, 2023, Glass Door Salon began imposing its first-ever cancellation policy. Please be advised that cancellations received 24 hours or less before an appointment will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

When submitting a late cancellation, please be prepared to provide your method of payment within seven days. Balances that remain outstanding for over a week will result in the suspension of all upcoming hair reservations. Upon fee resolution, we cannot guarantee holds on the original dates & times scheduled prior to suspension.

Thank you for your consideration. We are committed to equally respecting your time and providing you with empowering services. Our goal is to help you to look and feel your best!


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