Beautifying That Box Job

Almost every woman who goes into the salon for a color service has, at some point in her life, tried to box color her hair. Whether because it seems faster, cheaper, or just more cost efficient (which, let’s be honest, we all look for), it never seems worth it in the end.

A great gal that’s been in my life for quite a while, Nickie, has recently become a client. She came in for her first appointment looking for some help. Of course I gladly accepted the challenge, I love to fix color mishaps!

As we started to our consultation, she prefaced everything by saying the phrase we often hear, “I’ve been dying it myself at home, fix it!” As a super busy, hard-working woman, Nickie had understandably gone for the fastest coloring option. Unfortunately, her normally beautiful, shiny blonde had turned an orangey-yellow and a band line of an unnatural, yucky color.

So here are the problems you encounter with box color:
1. Consistency: It’s close to impossible to match a box color to your desired goal. (You picked it for ash blonde but ended up orange??? Strange…)
2. Application:  Applying color to your own head involves a lot of circus-act contortions (not fun, or possible).
3. Health: It has WHAT in it?!  (And your hair definitely feels like it needs to drink a gallon of water.)
4. Stress! On all accounts!

After talking about goals, for Nickie we determined that our plan of action was a highlight/lowlight combination that also incorporated a base bump to wrap the entire look together cohesively.

By coming into a salon for your color service, you find a professional willing to spend appropriate time to achieve what you’re looking for. Professional color, products, formulation, and techniques solve 98% of the problems that arise. (Plus, don’t you want a fantastic head massage and to be pampered in peace?)

Since our first appointment, we created a great, new personalized look for Nickie and an easy maintenance plan that works with her budget. No more box dyes for her! She looks beautiful!

after correcting a box color job


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