Before and After, Take Two!

For years Kathryn and I have been discussing the possibility of ditching her natural blonde – gasp! – and ushering in an era of red.  Thanks to the motivation of an upcoming birthday, Kathryn finally decided to take the plunge.

We preserved some of her natural color in carefully placed foils throughout her head and colored the remaining hair a couple of subtly different shades of red.  As an American Board Certified Haircolorist, it is important to me to leave a more subdued tone at the scalp, a more natural effect, avoiding the dreaded “hot roots.”

Kathryn didn’t have “hot roots,” but everything else about her look was H-O-T!


She knew it.  We knew it.  You should have seen her glowing!

Then came the dreaded email.  In spite of the best Surface shampoo, in spite of the cooler water used to shower, within the week, the red began dramatically fading with every wash.  Her hair was simply too virgin – too strong – to really let the color I used anchor into the shaft.

Such a tragedy.

So when we finally had a chance at Round Two, I put my thinking cap on and transitioned Kathryn into a different color formula, using a stronger color line.  (We carry three Redken color lines.)

Right back to H-O-T she went.

We are thrilled!  Looks like this one is here to stay!  Hooray for color options!

Side note: Often times women are terrified to leave a salon without having a copy of their color formula.  Baby, if we know what we’re doing, we won’t need it.  What we DO need is a chance to look into your face, your eyes, your skin, your current hair and perhaps an inspirational photo of your dream hair.  American Board Certified Haircolorists could be stranded on a desert island with nothing but a WalMart aisle of box color and still figure out a flattering mixture.  It’s what we do.

Kathryn received a zoned foil, color and end saturation to achieve her look.  You can find these on our menu here.

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