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If you follow our Facebook business page, you might have seen a live video posted on April 5th. If not, I’ll leave the transcript below! This is such an exciting time for me. Normally I meet change with a lot of dread and hesitation, but I have such a passion for teaching, growing and empowering, that June 8th cannot come soon enough! You can watch the video here or simply read the following transcript:

“My journey into hair began Dec. 1st, 2003. Next year will mark my 20th anniversary behind the chair! You might be surprised to know that for the last ten years, I have worked around two painful medical conditions that flair up from time to time and make it incredibly difficult to stand through a work day. I rarely mention or acknowledge what I am experiencing because, in spite of rising confidence in airing personal medical choices, I’m more modest and private when it comes to discussing my own health and body. Additionally, I also want everyone’s salon time to be positive, so I deflect any attention that would highlight my discomfort.
That said, this month I’m having both an ultrasound and an MRI to finally get to the bottom of these two conditions. I have one surgery scheduled for June and, once we get the results of the MRI, will likely have another surgery or procedure scheduled around that time.
What does this mean for Glass Door Salon?
Good things!
My children have often asked me what I would do if I wasn’t a hairstylist, and I’ve always told them that I would teach other people how to do hair. For better or worse, this is what I will need to spend the summer of 2022 doing as I give my body some time to recover.
You might not know it, but salon industries have seen the same mass exodus of seasoned professionals that schools have seen and medical facilities have seen. Teachers have left teaching, nurses have left nursing. And stylists have left styling. There are many elements within our industry that will never be the same and, for a lot of stylists, the new hardships aren’t worth it.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, our salon has lost seven stylists and only one of those seven is still doing hair. Though there is no less hair to be done, there are fewer and fewer people to do it. And the new, rising stylists unfortunately don’t have the experience or instincts to know how to meet the expectations of clients who are used to more veteran stylists.
Statistically, before COVID, 50% of stylists gave up on the industry within the first 5 years. And if we can’t give the newer stylists the education, training, and grace they need to be confident behind the chair, those statistics are only going to get worse. Too much pressure and demand will be put on the remaining seasoned stylists. They, too, will snap, leave the industry, and there will be no one left to do your hair.
I am one person working behind the chair an average of 30 hours a week. This summer, I will be in the salon just as much, but in an advisory capacity to both give my body time to recover and to oversee and coach at least three rising stylists through each of their appointments. I will be directing haircuts, formulating colors and training techniques with all my might to restore at Glass Door Salon what our industry has lost in the aftermath of this pandemic.
To be clear to my existing clients with summer appointments, we will be reaching out to notify you of your appointment adjustments. I will be hands-on with each of your appointments, igniting the torch of understanding and execution, and then passing that torch to another stylist once he or she can pick up where I leave off. Where I enter and exit an appointment will depend on the complexity of the appointment, but my objective is to keep you in good hands.
In addition to weekly classes provided by Noah and me, last month, we had Surface’s Dawn McKee fly in to hold a cutting class. Next week, we have Redken’s Marcus Johnson teaching a class on foil placement. This June, we’re kicking the summer off with a bang and I’m flying Glass Door’s stylists to the Premiere Orlando hair show for a two day, immersive educational experience. “
At the moment, my health journey has taken unexpected twists and turns. The MRI did not show us what we thought we’d see and there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding my painful flare ups. We have temporarily suspended scheduling appointments on my book, even after Sept. 8th, because we are still pursuing answers. Thank you for your understanding!

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