Karina’s Mermaid Hair Journey

When I first started working at the Glass Door Salon, I had no wish to change my hair color. I loved my natural color, and I still do! Also, having long hair I was concerned about the health of the hair, and if it would still feel soft after being colored. However, after seeing client after client get beautiful, fun colors I started to warm up to the idea.

Knowing I could always go back to my natural color if I didn’t love how it turned out, I mentioned wanting to try a little red to the stylists. Suzanna helped me feel comfortable with the decision by describing how she would only add moisturizing color without lifting my hair with bleach. This way, my hair still retained its health and softness, but I could try something different. After doing the ends of my hair red, I became addicted and went all in for an all-over red. She created this wonderful ombre that blended well with my natural color, so I didn’t have to worry about my roots growing out. It stayed so well, I only had to color it again twice throughout a whole year!

The natural products we carry at the salon, Surface, also helped my hair to maintain its color and strength. So many people complimented me on the rich color Suzanna had created. But after trying one color, I was addicted and had to try more! So we planned to do a wonderful aquamarine, emerald, and teal melt.

Emma took on this crazy hard project, because we were going from a warm tone to a very cool tone. In order to do this, we had to lift out the red in my hair and counter the warmth with cooler shades. She started gently lifting the red out of my hair several weeks before we planned to do the color, so my hair could have a chance to be repaired and moisturized between bleaching processes. She also suggested several Surface products to help maintain the moisture, strength and shine of my hair before, during, and after the bleaching and coloring process.

Emma took such careful measures with the bleach to make sure my hair was the healthiest it could be! My hair was very strong and healthy going into the second appointment because of that wait time we added in. She used the Redken’s new City Beats colors to create her masterpiece, which also helped my hair feel amazing! She definitely deserves the title she has as Master Colorist, being able to counter the warmth in my hair and give me the stunningly vivid colors she did. We again went for a darker, more natural color at my roots so the grow out would be seamless, and she combined an array of colors throughout the ombre to make fun dimension throughout my hair. I love how the colors intermix together and they look different in varied lighting! I’m already deciding what color I’ll try next, knowing the wonderful stylists here will treat my hair with care and create the most beautiful work of genius with the shade I propose.

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