Meet Our New Apprentice, Lindsay!

My destiny as a hair stylist began when I was seven and decided to take it upon myself to trim my own bangs. For weeks thereafter, my mother (who actually was trained under a barber), had me in hats, doing everything to hide the short bang incident of 2001. Lesson learned: It takes a lot of practice and the knowledge of things like bone structure, hair type, level of coarseness and wave to know where and how to cut hair.

facetune-20161216-16613308Since then, I would play with my own hair and makeup and I loved “playing stylist” and “makeup artist” on other people, too. Originally, I wasn’t going to go into cosmetology after I switched majors from interior design in late 2015, but I decided to try the ACE Cosmetology course through FCPS after some prompting from my wonderful mother. The two-part apprenticeship program consists of both the class and the apprenticeship in a salon. The class part was easy, as I started my course in January of this year. My original attempt at an apprenticeship, however, took a turn for the worst during a brief employment at a different salon. Suffice it to say that it was a terrible experience and I was turned off to the idea of ever working in a salon again.

So I prayed about what had happened and had some time to really think about where I wanted my life to go.  In early November, I got informed by four different people that Suzanna was looking to fill her stylist position at the Glass Door Salon. At first I was uninterested because I wasn’t sure if she would want an apprentice, someone who knows mostly just theory about technical hair styling; but I applied anyway. During the interview, it was great to actually have a conversation with Suzanna and learn more about this amazing business. I had known OF Suzy and the salon for years from having mutual friends who are neighbors or have gone to her since her years at Bristles and Shears. My heart is so humbled by how perfect this opportunity has been to have landed in such a positive atmosphere where everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I am ecstatic to begin this journey and gain experience from Suzanna and Emma and to grow as a stylist.


  1. Louise Purdy says:

    From what Suzanna has said, you have talent…..and I already know you are sweet to be around. So happy to be assisting you in the near future!

  2. Lisa Sylvia says:

    Welcome to the GDS family! I can’t wait to meet you! Best of luck.

  3. Carol Clovis says:

    Sounds to me like a match made in heaven (literally)! Both of you were praying…no question that this was the right move for both of you. Welcome!!

  4. Mandy says:

    Welcome, Lindsay! You’re learning from the best. And I know my sister will treat you right. Looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be in for a trim in the new year. ?

    • Lindsay Bloomer says:

      I know I am! Suzanna is an amazing teacher and has said such lovely things about you. I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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