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If you’ve spent any amount of time with us here in the salon (or on our website), chances are that you’ve noticed we really, REALLY love Surface products. There are many reasons I could go on as to why this amazing brand is our line of choice, but to skim the surface of our appreciation for this line: we love their eco-friendly approach to hair, beautiful results, AND the fact that 10% of all product sales go towards supporting children and families through World Vision.

By now, most of us have heard of the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment. If you weren’t already aware of some of the detrimental ingredients (formaldehyde, methylene glycol, formalin, methylene oxide, paraform, formic aldehyde, methanol, oxomethane, oxymethylene), you should also know that some of these ingredients, while not harmful at room temp, can be devastating to the body when heated (a necessary step in the Brazilian Blowout process).

We all desire to have glamorous, Pinterest-inspired hair without the styling maintenance…. right? What if I told you that this is possible to attain, for about 6+ months, AND that there is a fairly clean and organic way to do so? The biggest difference between Surface’s Smooth & Healthy Treatment vs. the Brazilian Blowout, is that it does not contain ANY formaldehyde. This treatment also is free of parabens, sodium hydroxide, formalin, and animal protein and animal by-products. This treatment gives beautiful, lasting results with predominantly plant-based ingredients. Call or email us to schedule your Smooth & Healthy Consultation with Corinne today!

Surface smooth treatment 1

surface smooth treatment 2

surface smoothing treatment 3


  1. Erna Hochstein says:

    I GDS still doing this treatment?

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