The Before & After of a Private Room

A couple of year ago, I was secret shopping around other salons to evaluate space and layout. We knew that we were hoping to expand into a new location and I wanted to get outside of my head and see how other hair businesses were utilizing their square footage. One startling discovery that I made was that very minimal effort is being put forth to accommodate private needs.

If you’ve never needed your hair services performed in privacy, consider yourself blessed! Over the years, I’ve had to shave so many heads for women undergoing chemo and radiation. This is usually (but not always!) done after hours as it’s an incredibly emotional experience and one that generally is done best without an audience.

Then there are women struggling with hair loss who are embarrassed to discuss this (and their options) publicly.

Then there’s my neighbor, Muna, who has wanted me to do her hair for years, though we never could. She wears a head covering, a hijab, and my salon environments have never been segregated from men. There’s our weekly delivery that gets dropped off by our UPS guy, there’s my husband popping in to fix and maintain various issues (and bring me chai tea lattes), there’s our shampoo assistant Brion who gives a great scalp massage, and countless male clients who love our services! I just couldn’t guarantee the privacy her religious convictions needed.

But now all of that has changed! WE HAVE A PRIVATE ROOM! And not just a place to DO hair, we have a place to WASH hair, too! Many covered women are used to having to discreetly sneak to the shampoo sink and towel-turban their heads. No more! One room, no need to leave. While we do not charge extra to reserve this room, in order to be considerate to every guest on the schedule, we do require prior, separate consultations for the use of the room to ensure we are blocking off a fair amount of time for you and for the surrounding guests before and after your service.

So last month I had the pleasure of treating Nida to a full hair service. It was my delight to see her actually RELAX and not feel hurried or stressed about her visibility.

Whatever your situation, if you need some privacy, we have FINALLY got you covered! (No pun intended. …But we are a punny crew.)


  1. Courtney Hasseman says:

    This is just fantastic, Glass Door. You don’t just love hair, you love people…And this is what loving people looks like.

  2. Margaret says:

    This is a great story! Love it!!!

  3. Bushra Khanam says:

    I am new to Northern Virginia and had a similar issue as Muna. I wear the hijab and I always wished there was a hair salon with a private room. Unless you’re in a Muslim county it’s unusual to have them in hair salons. When I was doing research about them, I was surprised that Glass Door offered this service. Now that I know the reason, I am even more delighted. I have found my comfort zone for hair styling.

    I just want to thank everyone at Glass Door for making this effort and being super considerate to their customers. The staff is friendly and amazing.

    I would definitely recommend this place to all my Muslims friends!

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