The Premiere Orlando Hair Show of 2022!

We’ve been craving some in-person, hands-on, continuing education.

Well, it doesn’t get more satisfying than the biggest hair show in our country!

This video sums up what a wonderful opportunity this was. (It’s so cute, click that link!) How did Glass Door Salon afford the show tickets, the round trip flights, and the hotel accommodations? Great question! One thing unusual about our salon is that we do not pay anyone commission on retail sales. You could go home with 20 shampoos and 13 hairsprays and nobody’s paycheck would change. Instead, we use our savings to afford a constant stream of continuing education. To date, for the last eight years, we have never asked our stylists for one dime for classes.

This is a win-win because, if we’re being honest, hairstylists hate feeling like pushy sales people. So when the ulterior motive of a paycheck boost is removed, we feel much more comfortable making sincere recommendations. What can we say? We’re artists first!

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