What will be different during Phase 3?

One of the greatest perks of the Glass Door Salon culture is that we are deeply rooted in community, connection, and transparency. Adjusting to respect Virginia’s Phase 3 regulations won’t be terribly difficult in practical matters, but will feel quite unlike us in terms of heart and soul… for now. We’ve dropped nuggets of changes through our Facebook Live posts, but here we’ll list all in one place what is to come.

For the time being, here are a few changes we’ve been required to make and we ask for your cooperation so that we can all move forward as swiftly as possible. After looking this over, please feel free to reach out privately with any questions or concerns. We hope this season will pass safely and soon so that we can get back into our comfy, cozy groove.

Phase 3 adjustments:

  1. Please remain in your car upon arrival. Call or email to let us know you’ve arrived and your stylist will come for you in the parking lot when she is ready to receive you.
  2. Please arrive with your mask already on. (Please have a second mask ready if you are receiving color services as one will possibly get stained or wet. Please wear masks that you don’t mind getting messy and stained.)
  3. Please understand that if we don’t already have both your phone number AND email address, we will be requesting the missing information.
  4. Please understand that we are temporarily suspending all blow-dries unless you are seeing Mary, Chelsea or Suzanna. No hand-held blow-dryers will be used during Phase 3 unless the dryer is in Mary, Chelsea or Suzanna’s hand. Our self-dry stations are still closed. If you have not specifically requested a blow-dry with Mary, Chelsea or Suzanna, if your hair gets washed, the driest it will get is towel dried. This does mean you’ll be walking out with wet hair. We are so sorry that this is not an ideal situation and look forward to resuming the pampering and the instruction that come with good finishing practices. We hate sending you home with wet hair. You do have the option to consider coordinating your appointment to add your blow-dry to Mary, Chelsea or Suzanna’s schedule. These three stylists have relocated to the far corner of the salon to isolate the heat and air flow.
  5. Please understand that if we need more time than usual to perform your haircut, there will be an additional charge called “Hair Other” on your ticket; more chemical mixture, “Color Other” to compensate the salon for the additional color/developer used. These miscellaneous service charges have always existed on our menu, but we suspect that given the unusually large distance between appointments, we might have to use both additional time AND resources to catch back up in many cases.
  6. We need you to cancel your appointment if you have a fever. (Actually, that’s an all-the-time request, not just a pandemic request.) Additionally, please reschedule your appointment if you suspect that in the last 14 days you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 or have experienced the following symptoms:
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

Additionally, in accordance with Virginia’s newly posted regulations and recommended best practices, we are temporarily:

  1. Required to refuse a service if a guest will not wear a mask.
  2. Required to operate at 50% occupancy. Unless you are bringing a nursing child, we need each guest to arrive solo (or with another guest who is also receiving a hair service at that time).
  3. Suspending the use of our hot beverage station.
  4. Suspending the scheduling of beard trims and waxing services (we are not allowed to perform services that require the full removal of face masks).

Specific to haircuts, for the time being, we need you to arrive with hair as clean and styled (dry!) as possible. Just do your best! This will help us to get a great read on how your hair situation has developed and the best changes and adjustments we can make for you. Remember that we have to eliminate blow-dries until we are no longer recommended to keep appointments as short as possible and/or until we can blow-dry without a mask. By arriving clean and styled, your stylist will be able to determine if a wet or dry trim will benefit you the most.

Specific to color services, for the time being, please remember to bring more than one mask understanding that one might get wet and/or stained.

We are eager to serve you and do hope that these temporary restrictions will barely be noticeable for the joy of some much-deserved self-care!

See you soon!


  1. Marcy Breault says:

    Can’t wait for Sunday. So glad you all are open. Since you are a small business, I expect NO ONE will have a problem with the rules. We certainly understand this is all due to the governor’s rules. Best of luck to all of you at Glass Door.

  2. Cheri says:

    Thank you Suzy for working in the color touch up and cut together. So glad you are able to reopen. You guys have been so missed!

  3. Kristine perry says:

    If I had an appt scheduled back in April should I call now to reschedule?

    • Suzy Spears says:

      Because we never deleted any appointments, we have a great visual on every guest that got affected. If you had an appointment in April, you are on a callback list. Unfortunately, we are under a mountain of correspondence in addition to plugging away at our list, so it’s going a bit slower than we want it to. Rest assured, we will be reaching out.

  4. Erin S Ahearn says:

    Has phase one happened? Are people allowed to make appointments at this time?

  5. Melody says:

    I miss you all terribly. I am really tempted to just drop by one day, wave and run. My doctor says no haircut, no pedicure, I’ve seen one daughter twice in the park. The other not at all. Granddaughter once. I’ve been to the pharmacy drive-thru and i’ve had bloodwork in an office on the first floor of a med center.. I walk my dog and cook every night. No take-out.

    I’m so hoping you are all fine and business is as good as can be..
    sending ❤️

    • Suzy Spears says:

      Oh my goodness, dear Melody. I wish things were different! We haven’t had a single staff member sick and our guests seem to be incredibly respectful of the precautions, too. I hope you can come soon.

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