December 16, 2016

Meet Our New Apprentice, Lindsay!

My destiny as a hair stylist began when I was seven and decided to take it upon myself to trim my own bangs. For weeks thereafter, my mother (who actually was trained under a barber), had me in hats, doing everything to hide the short bang incident of 2001. Lesson learned: It takes a lot of practice and the knowledge of things like bone structure, hair type, level of coarseness and wave to know where and how to cut hair. […]
September 14, 2016

A New Addition to Glass Door Salon

Days before giving birth to my second son, Shepherd Hart Spears, I had Emma give me a lovely Halo Foil.  Here at the Glass Door Salon, our halo foils wrap around the hairline and are a godsend to those of us who plan on wearing our hair up a lot. Well, there’s nothing like labor, delivery, and maternity leave to keep me permanently fixed in a sloppy bun (not to mention we were in the July heat)!  We laughed as I […]
August 28, 2016

GDS Spirit

What is it like to work at the Glass Door, you may wonder.  Almost two years ago, Suzanna offered me the opportunity to find out.  There are six people working here; three on any given day, and the potential for all sorts of client combinations.  There is so much involved in having a day run smoothly, especially when it’s busy.   Laundry needs to be kept up, dirty dishes and utensils washed, floors swept, inventory updated, hair shampooed, phones and […]
May 14, 2016


Everyday, beautiful women walk through our glass doors and I think, “She’s already beautiful! How can we possibly improve on that?” And every time, I am delighted to see how. All it takes is a cut that perfectly frames the face or color that brightens the eyes or a smoothly styled blow dry that bounces like the beautiful ‘Breck girl.’ Just a little change makes a big difference, enhancing the natural beauty in each woman. I really love the creative […]

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