June 8, 2015


There once was a woman who walked the walk.  I thank God I was in her path. Dianne had almost four decades on me, but her youthful energy put me to shame!  Every day, with nothing but joy, inspiration and excellence, she marched into her salon and behind her chair ready to be happy and make others happy, too. Selflessly, Dianne invested in me.  After attending so many educational trips and hair shows, I’ve finally lost count of the classes […]
February 2, 2015

The Unexpected Joys of the Lost and Found

Nobody expects running a business to be easy.  In the last year, my responsibilities have multiplied like baby rabbits.  Checks have been written for taxes of which I had never heard, trips have been made to county offices I didn’t know existed, and the internet has laughed to watch me figure out the perilous realm of QuickBooks. But not all surprises have been unpleasant.  As Corinne and I were figuring out how to run a salon WHILE running a salon, we […]

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