Everyday, beautiful women walk through our glass doors and I think, “She’s already beautiful! How can we possibly improve on that?” And every time, I am delighted to see how. All it takes is a cut that perfectly frames the face or color that brightens the eyes or a smoothly styled blow dry that bounces like the beautiful ‘Breck girl.’ Just a little change makes a big difference, enhancing the natural beauty in each woman. I really love the creative side of my job!

When my last child left for college I was ready to go back to work. Wanting a job with a more creative vibe than the business office that I left 27 years ago, Glass Door Salon was just the environment I desired. As a receptionist/assistant I get to organize & clean, shampoo clients and keep our talented stylists booked (which is like playing my favorite game of Tetris). My commute is under five minutes so I work in the very neighborhood about which I care so much. More and more neighbors are discovering us – the gem hidden in plain sight. The best part of my job is that my boss likes it when I talk with the customers!

I look forward to seeing these ladies (many I see every month) and hearing how God has been working in their lives. Each person has a unique story to share – traveling to exciting locations, impacting the world with impressive careers, riding horses daily, farming, developing artistic talents, caring for aging parents, remodeling & renovation projects, cooking with new recipes, training pets and raising children. There have been many occasions for celebration and some for sadness.

Because my natural hair has long ago turned gray, I have much in common with our clients who, like me, need their roots touched up regularly. We are in the time of life when our changing hormones affect the texture, thickness and style of our hair. It is comforting to have someone who can relate to this new phase of life. It is fascinating how many changes can take place as we age: drier and thinner hair, receding hair lines, curly instead of straight or straight instead of curly, slower or faster growth, and new cowlicks that require new ways to style. In addition there are other factors that affect the health of our hair: illness, stress and diet to name a few. It reduces the anxiety to know you are not alone. There are some things that we can change, but some we just need to learn new ways to manage. This is especially where I appreciate the expertise of our stylists in customizing the cut and color for each guest. During each visit, the stylists ask what about their hair the client likes and what they’d want to change.

Having seen the most colorful creations walk out through our doors – multiple blue highlights on long dark curly waves, rocking red peaking from under light brown hair and pink strands popping out of long blond locks – I was ready for change when Emma asked me what I wanted. In March she added purple accents around my face. I was a little anxious about being a “mature” woman with colored hair, but I got over that when I saw how quickly it made people smile. My hair has become a conversation starter and makes me more approachable. We have since added more purple accents throughout my hair and some of my over-40 friends have been inspired to add bright color to their lovely locks, making “over-40 fabulous!” I have purple hair because I love my job!




  1. Beth weeks says:

    You are AWESOME!!!! The salon is so blessed to have you….you are beautiful no matter what color your hair is but I love that you have the confidence to pull off your purple hair – it’s perfect!
    Is the Emma that works with you Emma Bailey (that’s her maiden name….don’t know her married name)…..Kelli was best friends with Emma in grade school…..
    you rock

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